St. Martins recently contracted with stormwater engineer Christina Luebbert to replace Rick Muldoon who has retired from his duties as St. Martins'  stormwater engineer.  Christina presented the following steps that St. Martins' residents can take to help

protect water quality:

1.  Remember that anything on the ground in your yard can end up in our water supply.

2.  Properly store and dispose of all waste automotive fluids.

3.  Use, store and dispose of fertilizers and pesticides sparingly and according to manufacturer's recommendations.  

4.  Responsibly manage lawn waste and yard such as grass clippings and brush.

5.  Reseed bare spots in your yard to prevent soil erosion.

6.  Sweep up debris instead of hosing down outside areas.

7.  Pick up after your pets.

8.  Properly dispose of materials used in home repair and improvement such as paint and debris.

9.  Wash vehicles at commercial car washes  (where dirty water is treated at the wastewater plant) or at least on grass where be filtered instead of running off on the pavement.

10.  Properly dispose of trash, litter and other solid waste.  No littering or dumping.

11.  Pick up a brochure at City Hall with more information on steps you can take to protect local waterways and our drinking supply.

       You can contact City Hall in person at 6909 Bus. 50 West, by phone at 893-6465, or by email at