*** The St. Martins Park Board is in the planning stages of a new Veteran's Memorial Flag Plaza to be located beside the trail just to the west of the park entrance.  Public input is sought on the Plaza design.  Contact City Administrator Doug Reece at 230-9105 or by email at rdoug48@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions you may have.

*** Though the Trail is open year round, Niekamp Park officially closes November 1 or when the temperature consistently falls below freezing and the restrooms & drinking fountain must be winterized.  

***  Please use caution when using the trail during slippery conditions

***  A bike rack has now been added near the park entrance.

***  Two pet clean-up stations have been added along the trail.  Pets on a leash are welcome in Niekamp Park but please clean up after them.

***  Hentges Tree Service has removed 10 stumps, several dead limbs and one

      dead tree from the Park.  

***  The Missouri Department of Conservation awarded St. Martins a tree

       grant to help us replace some of the mature trees we have lost in the last

       few years.  Longfellow's Nursery has now planted 18 large growing trees 

       and 14 flowering trees.  The new trees all have blue watering buckets.

 ***   FREE "HAUL YOUR OWN" MULCH - Free mulch is available for the                   taking on Clarose between Business 50 West and where Clarose dead-             ends at  50 Highway.

***  Central Electric Power Cooperative has donated $500 to assist with the             planting of the new trees in Niekamp Park.

***  Electricity has been added to the small pavilion so both the large pavilion           and the small pavilion will be available to rent when the Park opens on April       1.  Contact Jane Morff at 893-3463 if you are interested in reserving a                  pavilion for your gathering.

Niekamp Park Trail News