*** Niekamp Park has been winterized and the restrooms closed & water fountains turned off until Spring.  Feel free to enjoy the trail or playground equipment on nice days but remember to take your own water and go to the bathroom before you go.

*** The St. Martins Park Board is in the planning stages of a new Veteran's Memorial Flag Plaza to be located beside the trail just to the west of the park entrance.  Public input is sought on the Plaza design.  Contact City Administrator Doug Reece at 230-9105 or by email at rdoug48@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions you may have.

*** Hentges Tree Service has completed tree trimming at the park and removed one mature oak tree that was found to have a large split during the trimming process.  36 trees have been planted over the last two years.  Our Tree Plan for the future is to continue trimming dead limbs as necessary and to plant 2 new trees for every mature tree we lose.

*** Though the Trail is open year round, Niekamp Park officially closes November 1 or when the temperature consistently falls below freezing and the restrooms & drinking fountain must be winterized.  

***  Please use caution when using the trail during slippery conditions.

Niekamp Park Trail News