January 9, 2018 

PLACE:  City Office

TIME:     7:00 P.M.

Mayor Eugene Strobel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present.

Alderman Keith Kliethermes lead the pledge of allegiance and Alderman Matt Kearns gave the invocation.


            Eugene Strobel                                                            Keith Kliethermes

            Scott Amos                                                                 Matt Kearns

            Daryl Raithel


            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                                Sam Hager, Street Supervisor

            Doug Reece, City Administrator                                Lindel Bolten, Park Supervisor

            Virginia Bayne, City Clerk



            Steven VanderVeen, City Accountant


REVIEW AND APPROVE MINUTES:  Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the regular and closed sessions of the December 12, 2017 meeting.  Minutes were approved. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  City Treasurer Sally Hager presented the bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting.  Alderman Daryl Raithel inquired about the repair work done on the truck by Scheppers.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Matt Kearns seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.  Alderman Daryl Raithel opined that the board members should have been contacted before the shoulder work was done on Business 50. 

Certificates of Deposit:  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to move $10,000 from the NOW checking account into CD #9963547 which is maturing in January, into the 182 day special.  Motion was approved.

Financial Report:  The Financial Report from Capital City Accounting was reviewed during the Budget Work Session.  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Financial Report was approved

Mayor Eugene Strobel reported the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the Farmers Bank of Lohman to Farmers Bank of St. Martins with facilities in Lohman.  This upset some people commented Mayor Strobel.

PARK REPORT:  Park Supervisor, Lindel Bolten reported not much has been going on at the park. 

City Administrator Doug Reece reported St. Martins received the ISA Gold Leaf Award.  The City was nominated by Ann Koenig.  There is a luncheon on February 1 in Overland Park where a plaque will be presented.  Arbor Day is tentatively scheduled for April 26, 2018 with St. Martin Catholic School to be invited to participate.

A drawing of the proposed flag plaza for Niekamp Park was given to the board.  The Park Board has not voted on the drawing yet. 

STREET REPORT – Discuss accepting Parkview Avenue as a city street:  City Administrator Doug Reece stated Cole County has brought the street up to standard and will plow the snow but St. Martins would be responsible for maintenance.  The board was not sure the length of the street and needed clarification from the County.  It will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Sam Hager stated he appreciated being hired as street supervisor.  The shoulder work will be finished at a later date.  Mr. Hager listed things he would like to get done:  Repair street signs, place a light in the parking lot of the city office, cut brush at intersections, fix holes in city streets, fix Christopher Drive.  These projects will be done sooner or later; fix the drain on Verdant Lane by Mayor Strobel’s house, cut the curb at St. Martin Church.

Doug Reece presented to the board an estimate from Paul Samson on the cost for upgrading Business 50 West at a bottom line cost of $1,192,438.15.

PLANNING & ZONING REPORT:  No meeting was held 

CAMPO:  There is not much happening.  CAMPO is busy meeting federal requirements reported Doug Reece. 

CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  The port feasibility study was discussed at the Cole County Communities Meeting.

Ed Siegmund with the Mid-Mo Regional Planning Commission is retiring as of April 1st.  Lee Ann Jestis is also leaving the Commission.

Mr. Reece read the Legislative Report he received from the Missouri Municipal League. 

With no further business Alderman Matt Kearns moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned. 


                                                                                    Eugene Strobel, Mayor          Date


Virginia Bayne, City Clerk           Date


Most Recent Approved Minutes From Board of Aldermen meeting.