OCTOBER 12, 2021 

PLACE:  City Office

TIME:     7:00 PM 

Mayor Daryl Raithel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present. 

Alderman Scott Amos led the Pledge of Allegiance and Alderman Carlene Bax gave the Invocation. 


            Daryl Raithel                                                  Carlene Bax

            Scott Amos                                                     Laura Boeckmann

            Darrell Walker 


            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                    Lindel Bolten, Park Supervisor

            Darrell Taube, Street Supervisor                    Doug Reece, City Administrator

            Virginia Bayne, City Clerk 


            Lindsey Roush                                                Rudy Veit

            Eugene Strobel 

JOHN ROUSH – Plans for coffee business:  Lindsey Roush reported she and John bought a trailer for the coffee business that will not be parked on the lot at this time.  We are trying to get in touch with the owner of Pizza Haus to get permission to park the trailer on the back part of their lot.  Our business name is “Brew 50” and we plan to be open Thursday through Sunday from 6:30 to 10:00 AM. 

RUDY VEIT:  Mr. Veit attended the meeting to learn what people in the area need.  Bring ideas to him and he will see what he can do.  The Board reported the expense St. Martins was having in complying with the MS-4 permit.  What is the MS-4 asked Mr. Veit.  The Board explained it was regulations on water quality.  Let him know the particulars of the issue and he will meet with our representatives and DNR.

If you want we can get a Resolution to reward someone for good works stated Mr. Veit. 

REVIEW AND APPROVE MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER 14, 2021:  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Darrell Walker seconded to approve the minutes of the September 14, 2021 Board of Aldermen meeting.  Minutes were approved.

 TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sally Hager, City Treasurer, presented the bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting.   Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Laura Boeckmann seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.

Certificates of Deposit:  Mayor Daryl Raithel asked the Board’s plans for the American Rescue Plan Act in the amount of $120,000.  The money can be used for the stormwater infrastructure at the Park, the curb and gutter on Carel Road or the stormwater on Christopher Lane stated City Administrator Doug Reece.

Christopher Lane could cost $50,000 to replace the rusted pipes under the street.  Street Supervisor Darrell Taube reported he will put in 3-5 inch rock in the sink hole with little rock on top.  Christina Luebbert is aware of the problem and has been out to look at it.

Mayor Daryl Raithel asked if a code should be established for items that applied to the American Rescue Plan.  The Board opined the American Rescue Plan money should be left in the money market account.

A listing of money received this year and the expenses were presented to the Board of Aldermen by Mayor Raithel.

Financial Report:  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Carlene Bax seconded to approve the Financial Statement.  Report was approved. 

PLANNING & ZONING REPORT:  Alderman Carlene Bax reported nothing was voted on at the P&Z meeting.  Pam Rustemeyer would like to purchase the Back Four Acres Subdivision and replat it.  They plan to sell the house and ½ acre of land to their daughter and son-in-law and keep the remaining 4-1/2 acres. 

PARK REPORT:  Lindel Bolten, Park Supervisor reported he appreciated the letter sent to the person who had been dumping trash in the park dumpsters.  There has been a lot of trash at the park.  Mayor Daryl Raithel suggested Mr. Bolten get a grabber to pick up the trash.

Doug Reece reported on September 27, 2021 sending a letter to one of the mothers of the boys who did vandalism at Niekamp Park.  They were assessed $325.12.  One of the fathers will meet with us on Monday at 8:30 AM. 

STREET REPORT:  Street Supervisor, Darrell Taube reported Henwick Lane will be shut down Wednesday, October 13th for the sewer to cross.  It will be closed again when the curb and gutter is put in.

St. Martins can apply for several grants to assist with funding, namely the Land Water Conservation Grant, the Recreational Trail Grant and the Cole County Small Cities Grant that will become available in 2023.  Alderman Scott Amos stated the American Rescue Plan money can be used as a match for the Recreational Trails Grant. 

The Park Board will meet next week and City Administrator Doug Reece would like a commitment from the Board as to the amount of money they have to spend.

Mr. Reece also stated he only wants to write one grant since it takes many hours to write a grant.  The Board was of the opinion the Recreational Trails Grant would be the best fit for the City with a $30,000 to $50,000 commitment. 

CAMPO REPORT:  CAMPO discussed the Unified Planning Work Program, an annual statement of work identifying the budget, planning priorities, and activities to be carried out for the fiscal year.  They voted to hire a consultant. 

CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  Doug Reece reported attending the Cole County Communities Meeting where Lincoln University’s Dean of Agriculture spoke about research on hemp.

The Bicentennial Bridge opening has been delayed.  St. Martins will receive a Bicentennial Monument, 40” tall by 30” wide and 8” deep to be placed between the City’s sign and the road.

The Fall Clean-up is scheduled for October 25, 2021.  The Board is to have a Planning & Progress Meeting in December. 

The City received a check for $3570.50 to complete the TAP Grant. 

Doug Reece gave a history of the TAP Grant beginning with Carlene Bax writing the first one.  He characterized Ms. Bax as the “Mother of the TAP Grant” and thanked all involved.

The Goblin 5K will be held October 17, 2021. 

With no further business, Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Darrell Walker seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned.





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Most Recent Approved Minutes From Board of Aldermen meeting.