JULY 11, 2017


PLACE:  City Office

TIME:     7:00 P.M.



            Eugene Strobel                                               Matt Kearns

            Keith Kliethermes                                           Scott Amos

            Daryl Raithel



            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                    Sam Hager, Park Supervisor

            Doug Reece, City Administrator                    Lindel Bolten, Maintenance

            Virginia Bayne, City Clerk


Mayor Eugene Strobel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present.  The pledge of allegiance and invocation was given by Mayor Strobel.

 MINUTES:  The minutes of the June 13, 2017 were mailed to each board member prior to the meeting.  Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Matt Kearns seconded to approve the minutes.  Minutes were approved.

 TREASURER’S REPORT:  A listing of bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting were presented to the board by Treasurer Sally Hager.  After review, Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.

Review Certificates of Deposit:  After a short review, Alderman Matt Kearns moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to add $10,000 from the NOW checking account to CD #12525349 in the 182 day special program.  Motion was approved.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to roll over the remaining certificates of deposit in the 182 day special program.  Motion was approved.

Financial Report:  After several questions, Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the Financial Report; approval was unanimous.

 STREET REPORT:  Cole County Public Works informed St. Martins small street repairs could be accessed by contacting Higgins Asphalt or Jefferson Asphalt for asphalt repair or concrete work from B&P Patterson, Don Schnieders or Stockman Construction.  It was reported Verdant Lane was showing wear and may need to be overlaid in a few years.  The shoulders of Business West need to be leveled off especially by Leonard Niekamp’s property.  We have a box blade stated Alderman Daryl Raithel which the city can use on the shoulders.  Mayor Eugene Strobel suggested having a conversation with Republic Waste about the wear and tear on the city streets done by the trash trucks.

 PARK REPORT:  Park Supervisor Sam Hager reported Lin Bolten was working on a rock garden around the sign.  They also anticipate running electricity to the sign.  Mayor Strobel suggested contacting Ameren regarding running electricity and report back to the board.

City Administrator Doug Reece presented two drawings for a flag plaza at Niekamp Park.  Rick Muldoon is drawing up plans.  Alderman Keith Kliethermes asked how much the flag plaza will cost.  Mr. Reece estimated the cost would be $20,000.

 PLANNING & ZONING REPORT:  No meeting was held.

 CAMPO REPORT:  Mayor Eugene Strobel attended the June CAMPO meeting and gave the report.  The JEFFTRAN survey was discussed and also federal funds for priority roads essential to the community.  Missouri was allocated 102 miles with St. Louis requesting 200 miles, Kansas City requesting 150 miles and Springfield 50 miles.  Jefferson City’s request was for the Missouri River Bridge.

 CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  City Administrator’s Report was covered in previous reports.

 STREET LIGHT AT INTERSECTION OF CLAROSE DRIVE AND WEST ST. MARTINS BOULEVARD: Due to the increase in costs for installation of a light at the intersection, the board was concerned with what criteria to use in determining the need for a street light.  Alderman Daryl Raithel stated he would like to see the brush trimmed at the intersection in order to see north bound traffic on Clarose Drive.  Much of this is on state right-of-way.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to contact the state and ask if they will put in a street light and if not on what grounds would they deny the light.  Alderman Daryl Raithel amended his motion to include rescinding the motion for the City of St. Martins to install a street light.  Rescinded motion was seconded by Alderman Matt Kearns.  Motion passed unanimously.  Alderman Matt Kearns moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to table the street light issue.  Motion passed.  The board felt there should be more criteria for putting in street light other than at intersections.

 Mayor Eugene Strobel thanked all paid employees for their work and dedication to the City.

 With no further business, Alderman Matt Kearns moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned.



                                                                          Eugene Strobel, Mayor                       Date



 Virginia Bayne, City Clerk             Date




Most Recent Approved Minutes From Board of Aldermen meeting.