March 13, 2018

Time:  7 PM

​Place: City Office

​Mayor Eugene Strobel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present. 

Sheriff John Wheeler led the pledge of allegiance and Alderman Daryl Raithel gave the invocation. 


            Eugene Strobel, Mayor                                              Daryl W. Raithel
            Keith Kliethermes                                                       Scott Amos
            Matt Kearns 


            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                                Lindel Bolten, Park Supervisor
            Doug Reece, City Administrator                                Sam Hager, Street Supervisor                         Virginia Bayne, City Clerk 


            Chris Bogg                                                                  Jean Bogg
            John Wheeler, Cole County Sheriff                           Margaret Dudley
            Mike Sneller, Cole County Deputy                            Aaron Bolinger, Cole Co. Deputy
            Joe Gassner, Cole County Health Dept.                     Mike Sapp, Cole Co. Health Dept. 

COLE COUNTY SHERIFF JOHN WHEELER:  Sheriff Wheeler stated 3.5% of the departments calls are from St. Martins and most are on Business 50.  The two big concerns are Lakeside Motel and the new bar in the area.  At times there are 60 to 80 cars on the parking lots.  The property owners can be held liable if they don’t have the property posted.  There are people coming in and out of the business at all hours.  I would suggest business owners install video cameras stated Sheriff Wheeler.

Mike Sapp with Cole County Health Department stated automobile businesses are exempt and we can’t do anything.  Cole County’s codes govern health issues not “it doesn’t look good” issues.

National fire codes prohibit obstructions in the first 50 foot from the building and there needs to be a path to drive through.  Regional West Fire Department should be contacted about a fire hazard.  The Department of Natural Resources can also do inspections and Sheriff Wheeler will contact them.

Deputy Aaron Bolinger stated there has been a problem with Apache Flats for many years. 

COLE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT:  Joe Gassner is the Environmental Supervisor with Cole County Health.  Mike Sapp with Cole County Health stated the department oversees lodging, food, restaurants and waste water systems.  Mr. Sapp presented the board with county ordinances the city can adopt.  They asked that St. Martins’ ordinances mirror those of the County.  When the City adopts the ordinances, Cole County will do inspections but it is up to the City to do code enforcements through a civil court order.

Alderman Scott Amos asked about the cost to St. Martins.  Food permits are $25 and waste water permits are $200.  They are paid by the owner requesting the permit.  Inspection permits are $100 to cover administrative costs and would be paid by St. Martins responded Mike Sapp.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Matt Kearns seconded to approve the minutes of the February 13, 2018 Board meeting.  Minutes were approved. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Sally Hager presented the bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting.  Alderman Matt Kearns moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.

Certificates of Deposit:  CD #12525345 which matured in February was cashed in to purchase a tractor for the street department.  $18,000 from that CD was used and the remainder was used to purchase a new CD.  The board voted via email to authorize the transaction.

Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to roll over the CDs maturing in March into the 182 day special program paying 1.25%.  Motion was approved.

Financial Report:  The Financial Report from Capital City Tax and Accounting was reviewed by the board.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Report was approved. 

PARK REPORT:  Park Supervisor Lindel Bolten reported turning the water on to the restrooms at the park.  The water fountains will be turned on at a later date.  Doug Stegemann was asked if the dirt and mulch piles could be moved across the fence to his pasture by the park to deter kids from playing on them.

City Administrator Doug Reece reported Tree Day would be April 26, 2018 with Hentges Tree Service and the Conservation Department in attendance.  Mr. Reece is to apply for a $500 grant from Three Rivers Electric to plant trees at Niekamp Park. 

STREET REPORT:  Street Supervisor Sam Hager reported purchasing a John Deere tractor from B&T Tractor.  He and Lindel Bolten drove to St. Joseph to pick up the tractor on a very icy day.  I have been cutting brush and will possible be patching potholes shortly reported Mr. Hager.  Mr. Hager gave figures for repairing concrete streets in Stonebridge Park Subdivision and Christopher Lane.  A total cost of $14,000 to $15,000 with $3870 for concrete, $800 for rock, $500 to rent a saw, $1000 for excavation and $5,700 for labor is estimated.  Mr. Hager asked the Board how to proceed.  Alderman Daryl Raithel stated the first step would be to put it out for bid.  Mayor Eugene Strobel stated he would like to have the bids in by the end of April with work completed by July 1.

We have been looking at a 9-foot sickle bar mower for the new tractor.  There is a New Holland mower at Crown that listed at $1300 and is in fair shape.  A 9-foot mower would be good for large embankments but would not work very well on smaller ones, commented Alderman Raithel.

Supervisor Hager asked to authorize a line of credit from John Deere to purchase equipment.

Lindel Bolten reported when loading the tractor, he pulled it on the trailer since the conditions were icy; he wanted as much weight as possible.  He did not check the right side door and on the way home the door came off.  Mr. Bolten replaced the door, apologized and offered to pay for it.    Mayor Eugene Strobel opined the accident was not on purpose and Mr. Bolten should not pay for the door.  The Board was in agreement.

PLANNING & ZONING REPORT:  No meeting was held 

CAMPO REPORT:  City Administrator Doug Reece reported CAMPO approved the 2018-22 Transportation Improvement Plan. 

CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  City Administrator Doug Reece reported Ed Siegmund will be retiring April 1 and David Bock will be promoted as his replacement.  Several issues discussed by the Transportation Advisory Committee were the gas tax, increasing fees for electric vehicles, expanding Highway 50, bridges on I-70 upgrading, I-70/63 connector and expanding to 3-lanes Highway 54/63 North of the bridge.

At the Cole County Communities Meeting Eric Landwehr spoke on cooperative projects with Jefferson City and the 2018 Business 50 improvements.

Mr. Reece gave the legislative activity report from the Missouri Municipal League. 

LIQUOR LICENSE FOR F & J SPORT BAR AND GRILL:  Since the City does not have a liquor ordinance and F & J meets requirements, Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to write a letter granting permission for a liquor license.  Motion was approved.  The Board also agreed to issue a Business License.

Street Supervisor Sam Hager asked the board for guidance on looking for a sickle bar mower and was told to look around and find exactly what he needs. 

Sam Hager stated he would need the help of a part-time person in order to maintain the streets.  Since we have had 3 people in the past to maintain the park and streets, we will put a notice in the Newsletter stated Mayor Strobel. 

Sally Hager reported she and Sam will not be in attendance at the April 2018 meeting.

Alderman Daryl Raithel reminded the Board a discussion was held on donating $1000 to the Sheriff’s Department and it was put in the Budget.  With this, Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to donate $1000 to the Sheriff’s Department.  Motion was approved. 

Mayor Eugene Strobel reported a phone call from Brian Volmert regarding a storm water drainage issue on Rose Park in the Stonebridge Park Subdivision.  Christine Tew has hired the Handy Man service to put in a 10” culvert and drop drain.  There is a 24” culvert draining into the 10” culvert.  Mr. Volmert believes this will cause the water to back up on his property.  Mayor Strobel spoke with the Handy Man service and they are going to put in 2 – 12” culverts

Mayor Strobel thanked Jean and Chris Bogg from HOB for attending the meeting. 

With no further business Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned. 

​​      Eugene Strobel, Mayor          Date 


 Virginia Bayne, City Clerk        Date

Most Recent Approved Minutes From Board of Aldermen meeting.