September 12, 2017

​Mayor Eugene Strobel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present. 


            Eugene Strobel                                                Keith Kliethermes

            Daryl Raithel                                                   Scott Amos


            Matt Kearns


            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                    Sam Hager, Park Supervisor

            Lindel Bolten, Maintenance                           Doug Reece, City Administrator

            Virginia Bayne, City Clerk


            Eric Seaman, JC Sewer                                   Cole Patterson, Scout

            Bill Patterson                                                  Ron Eggen

            Dawn Holt                                                      Ed Mulholland

            Bobbie Murray, CPA 

The Boy Scouts lead the pledge of allegiance and Ed Mulholland gave the invocation. 

MR. MULHOLLAND, PRINCIPAL OF ST. MARTIN SCHOOL:  Mr. Mulholland reported St. Martin School is growing and now has 232 students.  They are #1 in technology.  The school has many volunteers and supporters making many things possible. 

DAWN HOLT:  Dawn Holt explained the Goblin 5K Run to be held October 15, 2017.  There were 200 runners last year running the 3.2 miles. 

BOBBIE MURRAY WITH EVERS & CO. CPAs:  Bobbie Murray explained the first two pages in the independent auditors’ report, page 3-10 is the Management’s Discussion and Analysis and page 11 through 31 reviews the Financial Statements for the General Fund and Sewer Fund.  Pages 32 and 33 contain the Required Supplementary Information.  The only recommendation the auditors offered was update W-4 forms yearly for employees. 

ERIC SEAMAN WITH JEFFERSON CITY SEWER:  Mr. Seaman explained the pumps at the south pump station on the Raithel property need to be replaced within the next 6 months at a cost of $60,000.  Another proposal was to move the Raithel pump station downstream and combine it with the Churchview Drive pump station.  We are leaning toward just doing the replacement due to the cost.  The cost for combining the two pump stations would be around $400,000.  The cost of replacing the pumps would be paid for by Jefferson City under maintenance of the system whereas combining the two stations would be a St. Martins’ expense.  Mr. Seaman explained the pump stations are working at 50% capacity.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to just replace the pumps.  Motion was approved. 

REVIEW AND APPROVE MINUTES OF THE AUGUST 8, 2017 MEETING:  Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to approve the minutes.  Minutes were approved. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Sally Hager presented the bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting.  Mayor Eugene Strobel asked if the trees were trimmed along the streets.  Sam Hager was not sure all of the trees were trimmed but he would check. 

Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.

It was suggested a line item be included in the budget for tree trimming in the park and streets.

Review Certificates of Deposit:  Ms. Hager reported the general checking account had $41,037.  River Region Credit Union has an interest rate of 1.30% for a certificate of deposit, where Farmers Bank of Lohman’s interest rate is .70%.  Alderman Scott Amos moved to see if Farmers Bank of Lohman will match River Region’s interest rate and if not, move all CDs maturing in September 2017 to River Region Credit Union.  Alderman Daryl Raithel amended the motion to add $25,000 from the NOW general checking account to CD #12523545.  Motion was seconded by Alderman Keith Kliethermes; motion passed.  Certificates of Deposit maturing in September are #12523544 and #12525350 (sewer CDs) and #12523545 (general funds).

Financial Report:  The Board questioned why Account #7105 Street Maintenance had a negative balance of $1,341.52.  The City Clerk will check why a negative balance was shown.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the Financial Report provided by Ron Frala CPA.  Report was approved. 

PARK REPORT:  Park Supervisor Sam Hager had nothing to report.  City Administrator Doug Reece reported meeting with Jeremy Amick about the flag plaza.  Mr. Amick suggested placing the flag plaza at the entrance to Niekamp Park and having three flag poles.  If this location was used a large hickory tree would need to be cut.  A Park Board meeting will be held in the near future to consider the alternatives. 

STREET REPORT:  Alderman Keith Kliethermes reported a large sunken place in the asphalt on Cedar Glade. 

PLANNING & ZONING REPORT:  No meeting was held due to lack of a quorum.

CAMPO REPORT:  Doug Reece, City Administrator reported CAMPO endorsed the Buckle Up Phone Down Challenge.  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to accept the challenge and endorse Buckle Up Phone Down.  Motion was approved. 

CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  Mr. Reece reported attending the Cole County Communities meeting where Bill Farr, Director of Emergency Management, was the speaker.  Mr. Farr gave an overview of what they have done and equipment available. 

BEER LICENSE FOR ST. MARTIN’S CHURCH FALL FESTIVAL:  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to grant a beer license for the St. Martin’s Church Fall Festival on September 24, 2017.  Motion passed. 

RUSSELLVILLE MEETING:  Aldermen Daryl Raithel, Scott Amos and Keith Kliethermes attended the meeting.  Alderman Raithel reported Russellville would like to share a deputy sheriff with St. Martins.  A full time deputy’s salary is approximately $50,000 with Cole County providing a vehicle.  Tina Amick, a Russellville alderman, reported they have problems with drugs, prostitution, robberies and racing on city streets.  Russellville is also considering paying overtime for a regular deputy. 

Mayor Strobel thanked the citizens of St. Martins for the flowers sent while he was in the hospital. 

With no further business, Alderman Keith Kliethermes moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned.


                                                                                     Eugene Strobel, Mayor                 Date





 Virginia Bayne, City Clerk              Date 

Most Recent Approved Minutes From Board of Aldermen meeting.