JULY 10, 2018


PLACE:  City Office
TIME:     7:00 P.M.


Mayor Eugene Strobel called the meeting to order and established a quorum was present. 

The pledge of allegiance was led by Alderman Daryl Raithel and Doug Reece gave the invocation. 


            Eugene Strobel                                               Daryl Raithel

            Scott Amos                                                     Keith Kliethermes


MEMBER ABSENT:           

            Matt Kearns



            Sally Hager, Treasurer                                    Doug Reece, City Administrator

            Sam Hager, Street Supervisor                        Virginia Bayne, City Clerk



            Monica Carr 

MONICA CARR – First Responder’s Day:  Monica Carr reported expenses from the first annual First Responder’s Day were $559.13 and donations were $550.00 with $200 from the Amos Agency and $350 from Farmers Bank of Lohman.  Other contributors were House of Bargains, Mid City Lumber, Hawthorne Bank and Jefferson City Coca Cola.  It was suggested to run an ad in the News Tribune next year and contact TV stations to advertise the event; also to invite the Highway Patrol and the Jefferson City Police.  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to place a “thank you” ad in the News Tribune thanking those who contributed to the event. 

REVIEW AND APPROVE MINUTES:  The minutes of the June 4, 2018 Work Session, the June 20, 2018 Regular Meeting, Public Informational Sewer Meeting and the Closed Board of Alderman meeting held on June 20, 2018 were sent to each Board member prior to the meeting.  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to approve the minutes of all the meetings held in June 2018.  Minutes were approved.

 TREASURER’S REPORT – Bills to be paid:  Treasurer Sally Hager prepared a listing of the bills to be paid and the bills paid since the last meeting.  Alderman Daryl Raithel stated the check for “Petty Cash” did not indicate how the money was allocated.  He would like to see it itemized.  Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Daryl Raithel seconded to approve the bills.  Bills were approved.

Certificates of Deposit:  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to roll over the maturing CDs in the 182 day special program.  The board opined the treasurer should check into increasing interest rates as they have been going up.

Financial Report:  Alderman Daryl Raithel moved and Alderman Scott Amos seconded to approve the Financial Statement from Capital City Accounting and Tax Services.  Financial Statement was approved.

 PARK REPORT:  City Administrator Doug Reece gave the Park Report stating Lindel Bolten put many extra hours in at the First Responder’s Day.  The event went well. 

Benches were loaned to the St. Martin Church for their parish picnic.

Mayor Eugene Strobel stated his intension for the First Responder’s Day was to try to get more people involved.  He met a Mr. Walker and Mr. Evers who were interested in helping. 

Monica Carr put in a lot of hours in planning the event along with Lindel Bolten, Sam Hager, Scott Amos and Doug Reece, stated Mayor Strobel. 

STREET REPORT:  Street Supervisor Sam Hager reported trying to fix different places on the streets.  He is still in need of someone to help him since he is unable to keep up.  It was suggested Louis Evers or Mike Scheperle might be interested in working for the city.  The rate of pay is $13.50 per hour. 

CAMPO REPORT:  No meeting was held 

CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:  There was no Mid-Mo RPC or Cole County Communities meetings this last month reported City Administrator Doug Reece.  Sam Bushman writes articles on small communities and I have provided him with information on St. Martins. 

Prop. A, the right-to-work question is on the ballot August 8, 2018.

The Environmental Health and Safety Code Ordinance was sent to the City Attorney and was sent back to the Cole County Attorney and we have not heard from her.

August 10, I will be attending the Active Transportation Summit at a cost of $25 reported Mr. Reece.

The deadline for awarding the Cole County funds is July 31, 2018 so we should know at next month’s meeting if we will receive the $250,000 for which we applied.

Mr. Reece met with John Ruth the owner of the blueberry farm.  Mr. Ruth and his family plan to live on the second floor of the barn and sell blueberries on the first floor.  Mr. Ruth also would like to rent out a room for receptions, etc. and questioned if the property would need to be re-zoned.  Mr. Reece referred him to Paul Samson. 

Larry Bishop with Cole County called Mr. Reece about Bittersweet Way to let the City know it is in the City.  Mr. Reece referred him to Mayor Eugene Strobel.  Mr. Reece and Mr. Strobel were under the impression the County wanted St. Martins to pay to have the road chip and sealed.  Mayor Strobel met with the county regarding replacing a culvert at the entrance of Galena.  The county would like for St. Martins to pay for the culvert and they would put it in.  County engineers will call about the price of the culvert.  Mr. Strobel wanted the board to authorize the City Administrator Doug Reece to get with the county and see what they want to do. 

With no further business, Alderman Scott Amos moved and Alderman Keith Kliethermes seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned.

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