PROPERTY FOR SALE - St. Martins will accept bids for the home at 110 Traci Drive until 10 am CDT on Thursday, June 27, 2019.  This property was a part of the land purchased by St. Martins to expand Niekamp Park  Jeff Cremer is facilitating the sale of this property.  He can be reached at 573-680-5076.

Business 50 West Improvements - GREAT NEWS!!  

After nearly a decade of trying to work out how to pay for it, St. Martins is finally on its way to a Business 50 West upgrade.  Last July Cole County announced they would contribute $250,000 to help fund the project.  The final piece of the puzzle fell into place on January 4, 2019 when we received word that Modot will provide $397,456.04 to help fund the project through a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant.  The overall cost is estimated to be $1.2 million. St. Martins will use money saved for this project for many years to pay for everything over the $647,456.04 Cole County & Modot have pledged for the project.  There are no tax increases, bonds, or financing planned to complete this project.

Beginning as soon as possible, engineers will begin to design the project and put together the information we need to begin a bidding process for interested contractors.  Our plan includes the overlay of Business 50 West from the Route T & D junction to 425 feet west of Carel Road, a total of 1.1 miles.  We will also be adding an 8-foot paved shoulder in each direction, plus school crossing lights in front of St. Martin school.  If all goes as planned, the work will be completed before school starts in August of 2020.

At the same time, Cole County will be continuing the improvements they started in Apache Flats right up to Rts. T & D.  Once completed, the road will be improved and accomodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, persons in wheelchairs etc will stretch from Country Club Dr. east of Apache Flats to 435 west of Carel Road, a total of 3.5 miles of continuous improvements.

The City of St. Martins would like to thank the Cole County Commissioners, Sam Bushman, Kris Scheperle, and Jeff Hoelscher, and Modot for helping make these vital improvements possible.

Please send any comments or questions about this project to City Hall at or to City Administrator Doug Reece at