MODOT SEEKS CITIZEN INPUT - Modot is asking residents to provide guidance and input on their long-range plan for Missouri's transportation needs.  Click the following link to take a short survey to let your voice be heard:


BUCKLE UP PHONE DOWN Challenge -  The St. Martins Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to support the Buckle Up Phone Down Challenge proposed jointly by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and the Missouri Dept of Transportation.  Missouri currently ranks 41st nationally in seat belt usage.  The following percentages explain why many Missouri leaders are supporting this challenge:

In a crash, unbelted drivers have a 1 in 30 chance of being killed.  Drivers wearing a seat belt have a 1 in 1,237 chance of being killed.

If you text and drive, you have a 50% greater chance of being involved in a crash and are 23 times more likely to be involved in a critical incident.  Crashes involving cellphone usage increased 16% in 2015 according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

St. Martins elected officials urge all St. Martins residents to buckle up and put your cell phone down.

Need Trees for your Property?  Read this news release from the Missouri Dept

of Conservation

​Buy native trees and shrubs from MDC State Forest Nursery

Place orders starting Sept. 1.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Native trees and shrubs can help improve wildlife habitat and soil and water conservation while also improving the appearance and value of private property. The Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) George O. White State Forest Nursery offers a variety of low-cost native tree and shrub seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, erosion control, wildlife food and cover, and other purposes.

This year, the State Forest Nursery is taking orders starting a couple months early, beginning on Sept. 1 instead of in November. Orders are being accepted through April 15, 2018. Supplies are limited so order early. Orders will be shipped or can be picked up at the nursery near Licking from February through May.

The nursery provides mainly one-year-old bare-root seedlings with sizes varying by species. Seedlings varieties include: pine, bald cypress, cottonwood, black walnut, hickory, oak, persimmon, birch, maple, willow, sycamore, blackberry, buttonbush, holly, dogwood, hazelnut, redbud, spicebush, sumac, wild plum, and others.

Seedlings are available in bundles of 10 or increments of 25 per species. Prices range from 16 – 80 cents per seedling. Sales tax of 6.1 percent will be added to orders unless tax exempt. There is an $8 handling charge for each order. Receive a 15-percent discount up to $20 off seedling orders with a Heritage Card, Permit Card, or Conservation ID Number.

Find images and information on available items, along with ordering information, in MDC’s 2017-2018 Seedling Order Form. It is available in the September issue of the Missouri Conservationist, at MDC regional offices and nature centers, online at, or by contacting the State Forest Nursery at 573-674-3229 or