Newly Elected officials sworn in - On April 11, 2017, St. Martins City Clerk Virginia Bayne administered the oath of office to the following city officials:

Eugene Strobel - Mr. Strobel was sworn in as Mayor, replacing Dan Bax who had served as Mayor for 6 years, and as a South Ward Alderman for 8 years prior to that.  Mr. Bax was presented with a plaque from the City of St. Martins and a Resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives honoring his faithful service to the residents of St. Martins.  Prior to being sworn in as Mayor, Mr. Strobel served as North Ward Alderman and also on the Park Board.

Keith Kliethermes - Mr. Kliethermes was re-elected to a new 2-year term as South Ward Alderman.

Scott Amos - Mr. Amos was elected to his first term as North Ward Alderman.

Congratulations to the the winners of the April 4 General Election and thanks to Dan Bax for the 14 years of service he provided to the City of St. Martins.

Elected officials of St. Martins receive no compensation for their service.

Sales Tax Ballot Issue Passes by 3-1 margin - ​Thank you to St. Martins voters for approving the continuation of the sales tax on vehicles purchased from out-of-state.  This tax had been in effect since 1989 and a re-vote was required based on a 2012 Missouri Supreme Court ruling that affected all cities in Missouri with a sales tax.  The approval of this issue will keep St. Martins sales tax revenue at the same level it has been since 1989.

St. Martins mourns loss of beloved local priest - Father Edwin Schmidt, long-time priest of St. Martin Catholic Church, passed away Saturday evening, April 15, 2017.  "Father Ed" had been suffering from esophageal cancer and was recently placed under hospice care.  Father Ed was a main-stay around the St. Martins community.  His love of God and God's family at St. Martins Catholic Church was an inspiration to many.  His smiling face will be missed, as will his familiar "God love ya!" greeting.