Business 50 West Resurfacing & Bicycle/Pedestrian/ADA Safety Enhancements

St. Martins is actively planning for improvements on Business 50 West, the main street of St. Martins.  Work on the shoulders to improve drainage was completed from Route T to Carel Road in early December, 2017.  Additional work is planned from Rainbow to Rt. T.

Plans to overlay Business 50 are in the works, along with the best way to improve safety for non-drivers.  Adding sidewalks curbs and gutters on one or both sides is the preferred method, but also the most expensive by far.  One other option under consideration is adding an 8-foot asphalt shoulder on both sides of the road.  This would accommodate a four foot marked bike lane on each side and a space for pedestrians.

We are currently trying to maximize our funds by applying for any grants available. Cole County has agreed to help and has budgeted $250,000 on cooperative project to assist.  Ultimately, the amount of funding available will determine the extent of improvements.  Since Bus. 50 West improvements are becoming more and more critical, a decision should be forthcoming within the next 12 months with work beginning in late 2018 or 2019.

Please direct any questions, suggestions or observations you may have regarding improvements on Business 50 to City Administrator Doug Reece by phone

(573-230-9105) or email at