In October, 2016, St. Martins submitted a grant request to the Missouri Dept. of Transportation for funding to add a sidewalk, curb & gutter along Business 50 from Verdant Lane to St. Martin school.  

​On January 3, 2017 Modot  announced the recipients of funding under their Transportation Alternative Program grant program.  Of 4 grant requests in the Jefferson City metropolitan area, the only grant funded was to add sidewalks along Missouri Blvd.

Though this is a setback to St. Martins plans to make it safer for pedestrians along 

Business 50, St. Martins will continue to work with Cole County to extend improvements in Apache Flats west to St. Martins.  We will also continue to explore additional funding sources for these improvements.  

Thank you for your input & support as we worked on our grant last fall.  Special thanks to Jeff Cremer for the many hours he volunteered to help.

​Though this is a temporary setback, the need for a sidewalk, curb & gutter and a new

surface on Bus. 50 has not diminished. Nor has the determination to make this a reality.

Please direct any questions, suggestions or observations you may have regarding improvements on Business 50 to City Administrator Doug Reece by phone

(573-230-9105) or email at

St. Martins Grant Request -Update