IMPORTANT UPDATE -  Business 50 West Resurfacing & Bicycle/Pedestrian/ADA Safety Enhancements

St. Martins received some very good news from Katrina Williams, a planner with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), on January 4, 2019.​  Katrina informed us that Modot has announced that the Transportation Alternatives Program grant application that we submitted on November 1, 2018 will receive funding from Modot for the full amount requested of over $397,000.

What this means is that our plan to improve Business 50 West is now ready to implement.  

A tentative timeline would be that the engineering work would be completed in 2019, followed by securing bids, awarding the contract and work beginning.  If all goes well, the improvements would be completed in time for the beginning of the 2020 school year.

The planned improvements include the following:

The overlay of Business 50 West and the addition of 8-foot wide asphalt shoulders designated as bike lanes/pedestrian safety zones in each direction from Routes T & D to 425 feet west of Carel Road.  The road would be overlaid from T & D to Henwick, but the bike lanes/pedestrian safety zones will end 425 feet west of Carel Road.   The new bike lanes/pedestrian safety zones will extend 5700 feet in each direction for a total of 11,400 total feet of improvements. School crossing lights will also be added in front of St. Martin Catholic school. 

The total cost of this project will be approximately $1.2 million dollars.  Of this, Cole County has pledged $250,000 and Modot has committed $397,500.  St. Martins has been saving for this huge expense for years and has the funds to pay the other $553,000 from existing reserves with no increase in your taxes.   

We hope you are as excited about this planned transformation of Business 50 West through the heart of St. Martins as your Mayor, Board of Aldermen and city staff.  Work began on trying to obtain this funding early in this decade and the plan has finally come together.

In addition, Cole County will also be extending the improvements they made in Apache Flats from Binder Park up to Routes T & D in 2020.  That means that when everything is completed, there will be over 3.5 miles of continuous road improvements from Country Club Drive east of Apache Flats to Henwick Lane west of St. Martins.  You can thank Sam Bushman, Cole County Presiding Commissioner, Kris Scheperle, Cole County Western District Commissioner, and Jeff Hoelscher, Cole County Eastern District Commissioner for designating funds from the Cole County 1/2 cent Capital Improvements sales tax for this vital work which will enhance the safety of drivers as well as vulnerable roadway users on foot, bicycles and those pushing strollers or using motorized wheelchairs.

Please direct any questions, suggestions or observations you may have regarding improvements on Business 50 to City Administrator Doug Reece by phone

(573-230-9105) or email at